Unsatisfied By Average

The Musings of a Stubborn Believer

“The stars do not change, Monsieur.”

My God is a constant.

Through an incessant flickering of transients too numerous to compute,
from people and places, to promises forgotten–

I see the Lord high and lifted up,
sitting on His throne.

He never changes.

Comforting when that truth is driven home.

Almost overwhelming when it’s driven home by faithful, albeit frail human flesh.

This evening I rejoice in the mercy of just such faithfulness.

My sister’s head resting on my shoulder; from my mouth come words quoted from a cherished tale of Huguenot fidelity:

“‘The stars do not change, Monsieur…'”

and my little sister finishes:

“‘Nor do the angels in Paradise.”

National Geographic


  1. That is beautiful. Whenever I look up into the stars it reminds me of how much God loves us, His love for us is bigger then a sky full of stars. It's so magnificent!

  2. I'm so glad I read this today.
    Recently the truth that He alone is constant has been impressed on me, as everything/everyone around me changes and shifts. It's bittersweet to accept, but as I learn to count on Him alone as my constant one, it brings with it a deepening of my love for Him. And I think God also intends it not only for my present, but also future good. One day soon, I will have no one I can count on but Him, and in His great mercy, I think God is gently preparing me. He is so good.

    Thank you for sharing this… I was blessed.

  3. Amen… Thank you Sara.

  4. Such an amazing picture. And thoughts. What is the full story that you're alluding to?

  5. Thanks Christella… The book is called How They Kept the Faith. (Grace Raymond) 🙂

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