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The Gift of a Song

It was more than 25 years ago that my brave mother and father decided that their boisterous urchins would learn the art of song…

And we sang alright. Wailed, in fact.

Lots of times…

And the noises could hardly be called music at first.

But we’ve fallen in love now… And we wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Maybe that’s why our house is full of boisterous urchins from across the county every Tuesday.
(If you telephone, don’t do it on that day.)

Not really.
We think they’re angels… 🙂

Spring Recital – on the lawn
neighbor girl
They don’t all fit in the living room any more…
teacher’s violin
unfortunately, photographer doubling as pianist, the performance photos are thin.
that’s the musical genius behind Sweetwater Musical Institute. 
love that hair!
neighbors and beyond…
more neighbors


  1. Love the pics and love the music when I can hear it! 🙂

  2. Can't help but think of last year…wish I could have been there too. My recital this year won't be half as fun:(

  3. The influence of your family and the Lodenkamp's was a good part of what gave me the desire to learn the art of a stringed instrument when I was little. It never worked out to start lessons until about 3 1/2 yrs ago when I started Suzuki violin lessons. Been loving (almost) every minute of it since. Thank you…

  4. Aww! That's such a joy to hear, Sara… 🙂 And now you have another gift to give back to the Master.

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