Unsatisfied By Average

The Musings of a Stubborn Believer

Of Bok Choy and My Bible

Lettuce I can do.
Broccoli I can do.
Kale I can do. (more please?!)
Kohlrabi I do. Radishes, turnips, parsnips, parsley, and fresh asparagus.
Yep. Do, do, do.
Like, all.

And I like liking everything. (everything good.)

You cannot imagine my horror when I woke up one day and found out there was one I couldn’t do…

.  .  .  .  .

My screen comes to life with a swipe.
My thumb dances, my eyes dance. My feet dance all the way up the stairs where I almost blunder into Natasha in the kitchen. I tap the icon with the little red “10” on its corner. Off in my own little world…
But not really…

No, actually, not at all.
I share this world.
I share it with who-knows-how-many other people. 100? 120?
And it’s not the facebook app, (don’t have that one, actually) and it’s not the G+ app, and it’s not the mail app, and its not Messages.

It’s ScriptureTyper.
Typing scripture makes my eyes dance. And I wander round and round the kitchen island dodging Tasha and a huge bowl of hummus, and the wheat thins leftover from recital night, and the rest of the lunch fixings.
And I pound the table with my fist, and she enters right in, and we laugh together…

“You know what I LOVE???”
“I absolutely love the Ethiopian! Here’s the guy, sitting in his chariot, puzzling over Isaiah.”
“And Philip arrives from nowhere, and expounds,”
“And he’s like: ‘See,

“‘…here is water! What doth hinder me to be baptized?'”
(She listens to the same bible I do, so our intonation comes out perfect in unison.)

What a concept. What a beautiful, fresh perspective…
“Yeah… And Philip…”
“Yes! and then they come out of the water and, poof!”
“‘And he went on his way rejoicing…'”

Ha! I would have to….
I would have too. 

I’ll be honest, even at the start of this thing I never dreamed that memorizing could be this much fun.
Now, I’ve given up guessing. I’m just rejoicing.

Some of you were on to ScriptureTyper right from the start, before I’d ever heard of it. Well, I’ve heard of it now. And it’s a fixture… I’m totally hooked. Hooked most of all because those that have joined our group in the last week can be just as much a part as those who joined months ago… And we can push ourselves, and encourage each other, and pray for each other… 1,385 prayers and counting.
Even if we’re not (and we’re not! :)) all at the same spot…
And then there are the other emails I get… The other blogposts I read…

And friends from Young Disciple who have developed a full set of first-letter bookmarks for the entire book of Acts, (for download or purchase) so you can take your chapter anywhere… (click here.)

God is building something far beyond our dreams. He’s putting in His children an insatiable appetite for His Word

Oh, you don’t have time?
No, actually, you do. Perhaps you don’t have an appetite.
But that can change. I promise…

.  .  .  .  .
Remember my horror when I found the greens I couldn’t do? (Apologies to my Asian friends.) 
Bok Choy and I don’t agree… There’s a violent (and I do mean violent) chemical reaction when I put it in my mouth.
But you know, I’m not giving up hope yet. After all, the people who grew up on the stuff. . .
Wait a minute.
You chose what you’ll grow up on.
Go delete all the games off of your phone and computer,
and then go get ScriptureTyper. 


  1. Oh I too, am so excited about memorizing Acts! But, I guess I sorta got a little discouraged for a while, because ScriptureTyper doesn't work on my slow computer. πŸ™ And it's hard to fit into my busy schedule. Any suggestions? πŸ™‚

  2. Hmmm! Maybe the first-letter is the way to go! I have a first-letter Bible. Handy…

  3. Alright, I'll give it a try. Thanks Sean!

  4. Love it.

    I got left in the dust… It's amazing how hard it is to memorize and keep remembering.

    Drinking my mizuna, Russian kale, tendergreens and parsley as I type. – The Bok Choy is not mature enough to pick, yet. πŸ™‚

  5. Heehee! Mizuna, Russian kale, tendergreens, (microgreens!)… do, do, do. The Bok Choy? Ours either. My suggestion, pick it early. Better far than late. πŸ˜€

  6. Haha! What about, broccoli, pineapple juice, kale, collards, cilantro and carrots, all blended up? πŸ˜€

  7. Yes! Just loving the Ethiopian man myself this morning. πŸ˜€

    And Bok Choy…. hmmmm… heehhee… I think I remember a stir fry we made you with Bok Choy at one time. πŸ˜‰

    Put a smile on my face bro!

  8. You all have finally convinced me. I'm joining, even though I'm terribly busy at times. Some things are worth making time for. And the YD first letter bookmarks are awesome! (didn't even know they were done, and I live within minutes of them…)
    Thanks for the encouragement!

  9. I just started up with the ScriptureTyper app, and I love it. I'm definitely not up to the Ethiopian but I'm working that direction!

    Bok choy is a recent thing for me too, and it didn't make it to the favorites list either… but we had it with some peanut sauce and it wasn't too bad. πŸ™‚

  10. Thanks for the encouragement, Sean. I just this week gave up on Scripture Typer because I thought I didn't have the time. I'm getting back on again.

    Have you tried Swiss Chard and Beet tops? Those are my favorites.

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  12. It took me 11 years (or more), but I can finally do Bok Choy now. πŸ™‚

    As far as cultivating that appetite for consistent Bible memorization, it may take me 11 months (or more) but I am going to be able to enjoy that, too. By the grace of God I will come out with both Acts memorized, and an insatiable appetite for Bible memorization.

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  14. Amen, Totally right-no, Bro. ("Go delete all the games off of your phone and computer,
    and then go get ScriptureTyper.")

    Thanks for the encouragement on the memorizing…

  15. Thanks for the encouragement Sean. I've gotten far behind, but I've got to get back to it and start memorizing again. Starla and I were just talking about it the other night. Shame on me for not getting back into it yet. My life was so much more fulfilling when I was preoccupied with memorization.

  16. Everything (almost) is better with peanut sauce! πŸ™‚ Glad you're with us on ST! πŸ™‚

  17. Love them both! And so glad you're sticking with Memorization! Even if you can only do 10 minutes a day… just keep moving…

  18. Isn't it though? I've had my negligent weeks too… Then pinched myself and realized how much more full and beautiful is the life that's Scripture-saturated… Even when it's just a bit each day!

  19. Hmmm, I think I'm convinced to try this too…
    I remember memorizing chapters in juniors class years ago, and what a blessing it was.
    I know at times it may be a struggle to keep it up, but I know He will always be there to encourage us to keep moving forward!

    Thanks for sharing your excitement!It was a blessing!
    I too love the story of Philip and the Ethiopian! I want to be at the Lords command as was Philip, and be as willing to follow the Lord as was the Ethiopian!

  20. I am just starting to get excited too…I found out about this on the GYC website, and I decided to join, and the next day I told a friend and she is joining now too…she wasn't so sure at first, but now we're in! And we're loving it! We've both tried memorizing books or passages before, but I find that I never can get anything finished. By God's grace I'm determined to finish this one…I started at chapter 8 to be on schedule, so later I'll have to go back and do 1 through 7. Thank you so much for sharing the idea and posting encouragement and your excitement! It's contagious…

  21. Even though I'm not working on Acts, this was a call to me to get back to Proverbs. Thanks Sean.
    I fell in love with Bok Choy the first time I ate it!

  22. He'll be there, and so will we! πŸ™‚ Great to have you join us, Cortney!

  23. Yay! πŸ™‚ Welcome Val, to you and your friend! Acts 8 is actually a great place to jump in, as the book totally switches gears between 7 and 8. Already I'm totally in love with part 2…
    I can hardly take credit for the excitement… Thank Alonna for the idea in the first place, Brett (the ScriptureTyper developer) for the amazing tools and support, and friends new and old from 5 continents for taking the dare… Thank Jesus…

  24. πŸ™‚ You're welcome, cuz!

  25. You had me distraught there for a moment, thinking I was behind… :-
    I am completely sold too… There is nothing quite like treasuring His words and etching them in my memory… And I have also been seen blundering around with the ST app open in every imaginable place (including Home Depot)… πŸ˜‰

  26. Sean, is that like a book with only first letters for the whole Bible? If so, where'd you get it?

  27. Indeed… The whole Bible, just the first letter of every word, plus punctuation. You can get one on Amazon…


  28. Wow, that's awesome! πŸ™‚ Thanks.

  29. She's not joking! She has me completely sold on the ST app. I think I might just need to get myself a "touch" now… πŸ™‚

  30. I agree 100%!! I am totally hooked on ScriptureTyper! I am already thinking about what book(s) to memorize next year… Let's keep the revolution going! Blessings!

  31. I love the spirit, Gles! πŸ˜€

  32. Amen!
    What a motivational post, shall continue to press forward with renewed enthusiasm, πŸ˜€

  33. Can I ask what Bible you listen to? I am looking for one for my son and daughter, KJV preferably! πŸ™‚

  34. We listen to an audio bible produced by Faith Comes By Hearing. http://www.faithcomesbyhearing.com/
    They have KJV in both regular narration, and a "lightly dramatized" version (different voices reading, and background music.) There are also streaming options, apps, etc available as the download can sometimes be difficult to navigate. See the "Acts: Schedule and Resources" tab above. πŸ™‚

  35. Oh! Thats good to hear because we have that one and have listened to it on and off! Thanks πŸ™‚

  36. Great blog post! It made me laugh and inspired me.

    Talking of "can do's"
    Can you "do" cilantro or aloe vera? ;P

  37. Cilantro? MUST have! Never eaten aloe vera… πŸ™‚

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