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Why God Gave You a Beating Heart…

If this does not quicken your pulse, I don’t know what will.
2,000 babies died in India while we slept last night.
3,000 more will die before the sun sets this evening.
Five thousand. 
It will happen again tomorrow.
And 1,000 children who don’t qualify as babies will die with them.
On the streets. 
From starvation.
Just in India.

Dying parched with thirst.
Not a thirst for contaminated water.
A thirst for love…

Love them.
Love them.

That’s why God gave you a beating heart.
This is not so much a plug for one vehicle, or one orphanage.
(Though this is one of my favorites.)
It’s a plea for life.

Do. Something.
Do something.

I got a chance to chat with Jim Rennie at ASI Atlantic the other day. (He’s the director of Asian Aid USA)
He said what they need most desperately is sponsors. People to love.
Because love does.


  1. Profound thoughts…wow…. "Lord help us to be your hands and feet!"


  2. Reading that gave me chills…
    The vast need all around us is so overwhelming…and yet we can't put limits on what God can do through our lives.
    Thanks for the reminder!

    "I may not be able to save everyone, but I can save one…"

  3. Thanks for raising our awareness, Sean.

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